Beverley helped me to secure my new job. She provided me with all the information I needed throughout the process, was very responsive and a great go-between. She then supported me immensely settling in to the new role through a series of coaching sessions. Her style was gentle yet firm, which worked well for me. She helped me reflect and change my approach, which made the first few months a lot easier. She was brilliant. 

Bart-Jan Bekker - Head of People & Achievement 

"Working with Bev as a Coach has been one of the best experiences in my over 20 years career. After the initial call I already knew this was such a great choice and good fit. Simple tools that help you have a great consciousness of yourself and your perspectives, honest conversations, being very serious about accountability, energy and genuine interest in you make working with Bev a delight. Pleasant and engaging."

Mamadou Diarafa Diallo - Country Director

"Beverley is a fantastic coach. She has helped me to overcome a number of obstacles to take my professional development to the next level. She is a very insightful and supportive coach, who asks all the right questions and is challenging in good way. If you want to see yourself grow, transform and reach your potential inside and outside the workplace then I can highly recommend Beverley in helping you achieve this."

David Lim - Intranet Manager

"Bev is an incredible coach and I found investing in my coaching experience with Aumida one of the most fulfilling and satisfying things I've done for myself. It always felt like a very safe space, providing a healthy level of challenge, exploration and tools to help me grow. Thank you Bev for the positive impact you have had on my life and career!"

Samantha Doe - Head of Digital Engagement 

"I can highly recommend Beverley as she is trustworthy and excellent at her work"

Aleksandra Hinc - HR Coordinator


"Beverley really makes the effort to get to know the individual strengths and aspirations of her candidates. She is a fantastic sounding board for any issues and offers highly constructive advice"

Sarah Tibbatts - Training and Learning Development Manager


"I was very fortunate last year to have the privilege of having Beverley as my Life Coach. Her ability to sense barriers to change and help me to see and overcome them has had a deep impact on me. Beverley is skilled in attuning to peoples needs and creating supportive pathways to enable positive change. She offered me a safe space to work through some difficult personal and work issues. I can not recommend her highly enough as a deeply caring individual and a highly skilled Life Coach. Time working with her will be transformative and fun"

Mary Spillane - Senior Bid Writer

"I worked with Bev both as a client and a candidate and it was a pleasure to have such a transparent and honest relationship with her. Beverley's passion for her role is clearly evident from the outset, as she is professional, personable and always works with high integrity. As a candidate, I felt supported and looked after as she would always go the extra mile and check-in to see how I was progressing with my role. This in my opinion, makes the candidate feel they're genuinely cared for - an invaluable quality as a recruitment consultant. 
I would highly recommend Bev in supporting organisations in filling roles with candidates of high calibre"

Afsheen Yousuf - Human Resources Consultant


"Dealing with Bev during my search for a job has been like a breath of fresh air. Right from the start Bev was genuinely interested in me, my job search, and the skills and experience I could offer, and she continued to treat me in a professional and friendly manner. Bev's dedication to finding me employment was second to none. I very much valued her support, guidance, honesty, and kindness. The clients I was introduced to were very complimentary about the efficient, professional, and friendly service they too received from Bev. I highly recommend Bev to both candidates and clients, and it has been a real pleasure dealing with her"

Martin Ridge - Human Resources


"Before I started to receive life coaching from Bev, I was trying to do everything yesterday. I am capable of managing and prioritising in my role at work, however, I was not able to transfer this to my personal life where I had set out to achieve several goals - at the same time! The difference that Bev has made to my life as a life coach has been phenomenal - she has helped me to narrow my focus into manageable chunks (the theory I had no problem with but putting it into practice was a whole different ballgame) and provided me with tools that I can use on a daily basis to prioritise what I need to do to achieve my goals.  Even when I wasn't sure about what was stopping me from getting on with particular tasks, Bev had practical - and extremely useful - exercises for us to do which really helped me to ascertain any emotional blocks that were prohibiting me from doing what I needed to.

The distinction before and after Bev is exceptionally prominent, and months later I am still experiencing the benefits of her life coaching.  Not only is she a talented and perceptive individual, she is committed and has a genuine desire to help you achieve your goals. I could not recommend anyone more highly."

Suk Kaur - Paralegal