I work closely with my clients to develop a complete end-to-end recruitment service that meets their needs. My clients know that they can talk to me openly, trust what I say and rely on my discretion. Getting to know and trust each other is important. The more I understand you, your organisation and team the more effective I can be in my consultative role when it's time to expand your division.

I will pro-actively recruit candidates who I genuinely believe will be a good fit for you. I'll oversee and manage the scheduling of interviews and facilitate the process throughout.

I ensure my candidates also receive a top-notch service. Their impression of you begins with how they perceive the Recruitment Consultant you're affiliated with.

Candidates placed by Aumida in permanent positions are offered two free coaching sessions in their first month. Tailored to the needs of the candidate but focused on transitioning effectively into their new role.

I'm also on hand to assist with:

  • Identifying hiring requirements
  • Consolidating job descriptions
  • Interview techniques
  • Selection methods
  • On-boarding

In addition to helping you recruit the right people, as a professional Coach I can also help you to retain and develop your employees:

Hire me as an external coach and support your employees to:

  • Transition effectively into a new role 
  • Manage relationships with multiple stakeholders
  • Set goals and plan 
  • Feel more confident in their role, meetings etc.
  • Develop leadership skills and presence 
  • Achieve work life balance and wellbeing 

I offer a free face to face consultation to discuss each new role and I'm always happy to meet potential new clients for a coffee so we can put faces to names.  


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